Annual voting process of amendments for RIC 2017 Ric Amendments

Cher(e)s adhérents au RIC,
Cher(e)s collègues,
Sehr geehrte RIC-Partner,
Sehr geehrte Kollege,
Dear RIC Signatories,
Dear Colleagues,

Conformément au Règlement Intérieur, nous vous invitons à voter les amendements ci-joints.
In der Konformität der RIC-Geschäftsordnung, bitten wir Sie die beiliegenden Änderungsvorschläge zu stimmen.
In accordance with the RIC Internal Regulations, we invite you to vote for following amendment sheets.

Pour participer au processus de vote nous vous prions de remplir le formulaire ci-joint. Vous pouvez exprimer votre vote lors de la période de vote, laquelle prendra fin le 10 décembre 2016.
Für die Teilnahme auf der Abstimmungsprozedur, bitte das beiliegende Formular zu ausfüllen. Sie können diesen Vorschlag während des Abstimmungszeitraumes bis dem 10. December 2016 zu stimmen.
To participate in the voting process on the UIC webpage, please fill the enclosed form. You can express your vote for this proposal during the voting period, which will end on December, 10th 2016.

Merci pour votre coopération.
Bien cordialement,
Danke für Ihre Mitwirkung.
Mit freundlichen Grüssen,
Thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,

Nathalie Libardi
Assistante Administrative Département EVF

16 rue Jean Rey - F-75015 Paris
Tel +33 (0)1 44 49 22 83 - Fax +33 (0)1 44 49 20 79

List of amendments

Incorporating the RIA Agreement into the RIC Special Group will require the RIC SG’s Internal Regulations to be amended to take account of this change.

Art.38.8: To modify Article 38.8 to state that accidental absence of the RIC sign does not constitute per se grounds to refuse the vehicle.

AppII: To amend the header of Appendix II to indicate that the signatory mandating the specific conditions contained therein is liable for them.

AppVII: To modify Appendix VII to render unambiguous the conditions of execution of the Technical Inspection.

Art8.1_IR: To allocate new members which were non-members of UIC a number of votes for their first year of membership which is the same as the number held by the smallest member of the RIC Special Group.

AppIV: cleaning

Art. 1.1.1: this article will become obsolete once the RIA enters force.

Draft budget of the RIC/A.

Appendix IX, Chapter IX: To provide a sample calculation for the overall batch in line with actual sample sizes and extend the damage catalogue (QMS).

Art.13: To harmonize RIC, RIA with GCU regarding determination of liability

Election of the Chairman of the Special Group (SG)

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